The Hen of the Woods is a mushroom native to Montseny but nature makes very few specimens. From the antiquity it is very valued by the people of the towns of the Montseny. It is characterized by its consistent texture and its spectacular choraloid shape. We have managed to cultivate it in order to recover this appreciated species and make it available to everyone.



The Hen of the Woods has an exquisite taste and aroma. Its firm texture allows many types of preparations: sautéed, marinated, fried,…
The easiest way to make it is to bake it. You don’t have to wash it, just add a little oil, salt and a pinch of black pepper. Between 10 and 15 minutes at 160-180 ºC are usually enough to roast it (this depends a little on the oven and the size of the piece).
It can also be shredded into small sheets or knobs, unwashed, to jump or fry with olive oil over high heat. The meat of The Hen of the Woods does not absorb the oils and, on the other hand, the temperature of the hot oil makes the caramelize a little and enhances its flavour.

It is possible to sauté to alive fire with a dash of oil, salt and a pinch of pepper, with vegetables, pasta or rice. It can also be grilled, battered in tempura, in tortilla, as pâté or to fill canelloni.
Its resistance to long cooking allows it to be used in all types of stews and this has been the case for many years in the border regions of Montseny.



Known by oriental medicine for many centuries for its ability to improve the body’s natural defenses. There have been some clinical trials that seem to demonstrate activity against several cancers and against high blood glucose levels.

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