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We’ve been growing mushrooms for more than two decades. We do the process in a handmade way: from the selection of the wood to its harvest and sale. We don’t use straw because it reduces the intensity of the flavour a lot, and the woods in the environment we select, chestnut, oak, holm oak and beech, come from Catalan forests, mainly from Montseny. We let the mushrooms grow slowly, like in the forest and in an autumn atmosphere. We are certified organic (producer number CT 002394 PE).

We choose mushroom varieties for their taste and aroma, rather than for their productivity. In addition, shitake, The Hen of the Woods (maitake), ram mushroom and pipe mushroom (reishi) are well known for their healthy and medicinal properties. They have been used since ancient times and are attributed with the ability to stimulate the immune system among many other things. The proximity of our farm to the main areas of consumption allows us to serve very fresh mushrooms, just harvested, which is how they preserve intact all their properties.

We mix 80% selected chestnut, oak, holm oak and beech wood with 20% organically grown cereals to enrich them. We add well water up to 60-65% humidity, which is the one that has a trunk that lives in a natural state. Then we put this mixture in bags of about 5 liters capacity and sterilize them with steam at 120 º C. Once they are cold, we inoculate them with the fungus we want to cultivate.
Now it will be necessary to leave them for about six months at a good temperature (20-25 ºC) so that the fungus can metabolize all the nutrients, slowly, so that it incorporates all the nuances of aroma and flavour.

Finally, when the fungus has enough reserves, we give it the conditions of an ideal autumn to make a good flowering mushroom, abundant and beautiful.

In addition, we have a complete computer system, made specifically for our farm, which allows us to record all the data and significant details throughout the whole the process. With this monitoring, we can continuously improve the crop and also achieve the most comprehensive traceability.